A Pelican like you never saw before

James is a pink pelican who lives at the Bird of Prey Farm in Berkel en Rodenrijs.

The special thing about James is that he is afraid to swim. Until he sees all the tasty snacks go by and the water warmed up by the high temperatures of last week.

The next series shows that James gets a chick and how he eats it. Very special to see, for me at least, for the very first time.

Pelicans have a large beak and a large throat sac (between the bottom of the beak and the throat). When a pelican sees prey, it scoops the fish (in this case chicks) out of the water. When he lifts his head, the water goes away and the prey is left behind.

It is about 140 to 178 cm long and 9 to 11 kg in weight. The wingspan is 270 to 360 cm. Females are smaller than males. The beak is 29 to 47 cm long.