If you have been to the Netherlands you might have done it. Going to Volendam or any other fishing village and have your portrait taken in the costume of that area.

For people who are looking for something different we now offer costume shoots. Have your photo taken in an old setting in our studio wearing a victorian dress or steampunk outfit.

Unfortunately we can only offer this to women. We don’t have any male costumes (yet). But if you have your own, you can bring it with you 🙂

The shoot

The shoot takes place in my studio situated in Krimpen aan den IJssel. It will take appr. 2,5 hours including clothes, make-up and hair.

The lighting i will use is Rembrandt lighting which has a very soft touch and a lot of atmosphere.

I will personally assist you in the choice of clothing, help out with your hair and make-up. You need to bring your own make-up and hairbrush/pins, etc.

Hairdryer, straightener, curling iron are present.

If you want to use certain props in your photo, please bring those too, we will find a way to work with them.

Woman with a book

What do I get?

You will get the following from this type of photoshoot.

  • 50 photo’s digital (not edited)
  • 5 photo’s from those 50 edited (your choose the 5)
  • 2 photo’s as print ( you pick the two photo’s from the 5 edits)
  • a lot of fun 🙂
The Rose
Costume shoot
75/ appr. 2,5 uur
  • 50 photo's digital
  • 5 photo's of those 50 edited
  • 2 photo's of those 5 printed in format 20x30 cm